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Zaimont -- for Large Forces
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SACRED SERVICE for the Sabbath Evening (6 movements)
James Maddalena, baritone, Ernst Senfft Chor, Berlin Radio Orchestra, Gerard Schwarz, conductor

PARABLE: A Tale of Abram and Isaac
John Aler, Frances Lucy, soli, Laudebus, members of the London Symphony Orchestra

MEDITATIONS At the Time of the New Year
Choral Society of Southern California, Nick Strimple, conductor

A Woman of Valor - mezzo and string quartet, Samuel Adler, conductor

Release date: Projected Fall 2005
NAXOS CD (part of the Milken Archive of American Jewish Music)

PURE COLORS -- Music of Judith Lang Zaimont
Cover Picture
Solo music and other works for small forces

WIZARDS - Three Magic Masters
Young-Ah Tak, piano

ASTRAL... a mirror life on the astral plane...
John Anderson, clarinet

Virgie Rainey - Two Narratives for Soprano, Mezzo and Piano
Wendy Zaro-Mullins, soprano; Jean del Santo, mezzo-soprano; Timothy Lovelace, piano

Valse Romantique
Immanuel Davis, flute

'Tanya' Poems
Tanya Remenikova, cello

'Bubble-Up' Rag - Concertpiece for Flute and Piano
Immanuel Davis, flute; Nanette Kaplan Solomon, piano

Release date: Projected Fall 2005
Albany Records CD

Callisto: Music for Piano
Cover Picture
Sonata for Piano Solo
I. Ricerca (10:10)
II. Canto (11:46)
III. Impronta digitale (7:55)

Nocturne - La Fin de Siecle (7:04)

Jupiter's Moons
I. The Moons Swim in Orbit (1:14)
II. Europa (3:06)
III. Leda (4:56)
IV. Io (3:17)
V. Ganymede (2:48)
VI. Callisto (4:50)

"Hesitation" Rag (5:45)

Joanne Polk, piano

Album Review:

"...full of rapturous melodies… harmonically fascinating" - Frank J. Oteri, NewMusicBox
(full review here)

Release date: December 2003
Albany Records CD, Troy 617

2001 Cliburn Competition Gold Medal Recital: Olga Kern
Cover Picture
"Impronta Digitale" -- Cliburn competition selected work

Album Reviews:

"The impromptu spirit not only lives but thrives in Judith Lang Zaimont's Impronta Digitale, one of the four works by living composers chosen for the [Cliburn] competition's semifinal round. A long, jazzy single line darts around the keyboard's lower register and materializes into toccata-like sequences and spiky arpeggios. As the piece progresses, textures grow more varied in terms of register and articulation, with generous portions of stabbing, motoric chords. A professor composition at the University of Minnesota School of Music, Zaimont has composed more than one hundred works in virtually every medium: opera, orchestra, chamber, vocal, choral, dance, film, and solo instrumental. One suspects that Impronta Digitale's ingenious and idiomatic keyboard writing has more than a little to do with the fact that Zaimont is an accomplished pianist in her own rights, who plays her own music with tremendous authority and verve."
- Jed Distler, CD program notes

Also see Kilstoft's interview with Zaimont on the 2001 Cliburn Competition in "Bibliography"

Score excerpts:
1. Ricerca

Release date: October 2001
Harmonia Munda CD 907289

Cover Picture
" ... 3: 4, 5 ... " (3-movement quintet for oboe, clarinet, violin, viola, contrabass)
Members of Minnesota Orchestra

Album review:

"A major contribution to chamber music for winds and strings which hopefully will be heard frequently in concert halls worldwide. A remarkably effective 21+ minute work by a major American composer perhaps just reaching the height of her powers…. Skillfully constructed, listener accessible, and yet retains a sense of fresh newness about it throughout…. Strong timbral imagination… tour de force of technical display for the ensemble … clos[ing] with a moving and at times tender "Elegy" which conveys an unmistakable American character."
- William Nichols, The Clarinet, September 2002

Score excerpts:
Movement 1
Movement 2

Release date: August 2001
Jeanne Inc. CD

Vitality Begun
Cover Picture
"Let it be Forgotten" and "Entreaty"
Patricia Stiles, mezzo; Graham Cox, piano

Release date: 2001
Cavalli CCD 308

reSOUNDings -- Orchestral Music by Judith Lang Zaimont
Cover Picture
SYMPHONY No. 1 / ELEGY for Strings / MONARCHS - Movement for Orchestra
Czech Radio Symphony
Leos Svarovsky and Doris Kosloff, conductors

Album Reviews:

"Judith Lang Zaimont is, along with Christopher Rouse, Arnold Rosner, and Joseph Schwantner, one of the most interesting compositional voices of her generation. … Most of the works of hers I know reveal a convincing sense of authenticity and expressive purpose."
-- Walter Simmons, Fanfare, May/June 2001 Vol. 24 No. 5 (full review here)

"Zaimont writes in an au courant but very appealing idiom that blends bright, wide-spaced harmonies (both triadic and iridescent) and sumptuous, imaginative textures with invigorating freshness, energy, and warmth. At her best -- certainly in Symphony No. 1 and the Elegy -- Zaimont shows herself to be an impressive symphonic composer."
-- American Record Guide, November/December 2000 (full review here)

Audio clips:
Monarchs, second theme
Monarchs, brass
Monarchs, close
Symphony No. 1, movement 1
Symphony No. 1, beginning of movement 3
Symphony No. 1, melody of movement 3

Release date: August 2000
Arabesque CD Z6742

RADIANCE -- Choral Music by Judith Lang Zaimont
Cover Picture
MEDITATIONS at the Time of the New Year
The Chase
Sunny Airs and Sober
Excerpts from SACRED SERVICE for Sabbath Evening

Choral Society of Southern California -- Nick Strimple, conductor

Album Review:

Radiant Zaimont in 21st Century Music August 2001 Vol. 8 No. 8

Score excerpts:
"Dawn," page 1
"Hope," page 2

Audio clips:
"Thou Shalt Love the Lord"

Release date: February 2000
4-Tay CD 4015

The Vocal-Chamber Art -- Music by Judith Lang Zaimont
Cover Picture

Chansons Nobles et Sentimentales
Charles Bressler, tenor; JL Zaimont, piano

Elena Tyminski, soprano; JL Zaimont, piano

TWO SONGS for Soprano and Harp
Berenice Bramson, soprano; Sara Cutler, harp

Elena Tyminski, soprano; Pierce Brown, tenor; Nancy Allen, harp; Barbara Bogatin, cello; Patricia Spencer, flute; Roger Nierenberg, conductor

THE MAGIC WORLD: Ritual Music for Three
David Arnold, baritone; Jonathan Haas, percussion; Zita Zohar, piano

Album Reviews:

Music by "a mid-career master"
"The pieces on this CD are terrifically good in many ways…. Zaimont clearly possesses a keen sense of characterization, pacing, and drama. Best of all, each cycle inhabits its own distinct emotional world."

-- New Music Connoisseur, Summer 2000 Vol. 8 No. 2 (full review here)

The Vocal-Chamber Art in Pan Pipes Fall 2000, Volume 93, Number 1

Audio clips:
Greyed Sonnet 1
Greyed Sonnet 2
Songs of Innocence 3
Songs of Innocence 4
Magic World 3
Chanson Nobles Song 3

Release date: June 1999
Leonarda CD 343

Fluffy Ruffle Girls: Women in Ragtime
Cover Picture
Two Piano Rags: Reflective Rag and Judy's Rag
Virginia Eskin, piano

Album reviews:
"An anthology that will stick in your memory for its collective impact more than for any single piece -- except, perhaps, for the two contemporary rags by Judith Lang Zaimont, who combines classic style with more contemporary harmonies to extremely good effect." - Leslie Gerber

"Elegiac [Zaimont]" - TIME Magazine

(originally released on Northeastern Records, March 1993)

Release date: May 1999
KOCH: Classical Arts NR 246-CD

Spring Beauties -- The Ragtime Project
Cover Picture
'Hesitation' Rag
Virginia Eskin, piano

Score excerpts:
"'Hesitation' Rag," page 1

Release date: June 1998

When Angels Speak
Cover Picture
When Angels Speak -- Fantasy for Wind Quartet
Manhattan Wind Quartet

Score excerpts:
m. 19-27

Release date: Summer 1998

Women's Voices: Five Centuries of Song
Cover Picture
Let it be forgotten from Greyed Sonnets
Neva Pilgrim, soprano

Release date: November 1997

ZONES -- Chamber Music by Judith Lang Zaimont
Cover Picture
ZONES - Piano Trio #2
Peter Winograd, violin; Peter Wyrick, 'cello; Joanne Polk, piano

"Russian Summer" - Piano Trio #1
Peter Winograd, violin; Peter Wyrick, 'cello; Joanne Polk, piano

A Calendar Set: 12 Preludes
Joanne Polk, piano

Album Reviews:

"Beautiful music ... enthusiastically recommended"
-- Fanfare, May/June 1997 Vol. 20 No. 5 (full review here)

Alla Breve in Classical Pulse! August/September 1997 No. 23

Audio clips:
Russian Summer Romp

Release date: February 1997

Neon Rhythm -- Chamber Music of Judith Lang Zaimont
Cover Picture
Hidden Heritage: A Dance Symphony
Karen Moratz, flute; David Krakauer, clarinets/tenor sax; Clinton Adams, piano; David Finckel, cello; Barry Dove, percussion; Doris Kosloff, conductor

Sky Curtains: Borealis, Australis
Kathleen Nester, flute; Daniel Gilbert, clarinet; Robert Wagner, bassoon; Lois Martin, viola; Christopher Finckel, cello; Doris Kosloff, conductor

Lisa Kozenko, oboe; Dana Burnett, piano

Dance / Inner Dance
Kathleen Nester, flute; Rheta Smith, oboe; Theodore Mook, cello

Album Reviews:

"Entirely impressive music"
-- Classical Compact Disc Guide, Fall 1996 Vol. 9 No. 1 (full review here)

Review: Neon Rhythm in Fanfare May/June 1996 Vol. 19 No. 5

Score excerpts:
Hidden Heritage, "At Home: 'Jennie' Fantasia," tenor sax theme
Hidden Heritage, "At Home: 'Jennie' Fantasia," flute and clarinet
Hidden Heritage, "Street Scene -- Black Belt"
Sky Curtains - Australis, fugato entrances.

Audio clips:
Hidden Heritage, movement 1
Hidden Heritage, movement 2
Hidden Heritage, movement 2 (saxophone theme)
Hidden Heritage, movement 3
Hidden Heritage, movement 4
Sky Curtains - Australis

Release date: February 1996
Arabesque CD Z6667

Cover Picture
Suite Impressions: Folk Song, Jazz Waltz, In Pop Style
Excerpts from Calendar Collection: June, July, August, September
Two Piano Rags - 'Reflective' Rag, Judy's Rag
Nocturne - "La Fin de Siècle"
Judith Zaimont, piano

SNAZZY SONATA [one piano, four hands]
Moderate Two-Step // Lazy Beguine // Be-Bop Scherzo // Grand Valse Brilliante
Judith Zaimont and Doris Kosloff, piano

Album Reviews:

"Zaimont expresses an innate musicality that is made especially appealing by a sincere and joyous spirit. This is refreshingly uncomplicated, easy to enjoy music..." - Fanfare

"The piano music of Judith Zaimont is distinctly American and unapologetically nostalgic... the title is warmly apt..." - American Record Guide

Score excerpts:
Folk Song
'Reflective' Rag

Audio clips:
Snazzy Sonata, movement 3
Suite Impressions (folk song)
Suite Impressions (in pop style)
Suite Impressions (jazz waltz)

Release date: October 1996
4-Tay CD 4001

Character Sketches: Solo Piano Works by 7 American Women
Cover Picture
Calendar Collection (16:00)
Nanette Kaplan Solomon, piano

Album review:

"Zaimont's suite is replete with dandy tunes, poetically rendered moods, and more than enough sumptuous pianistic color and variety to make them great favorites with performers and audiences alike."
- Lehman, American Record Guide

Release date: August 1994
Leonarda CD LE 334

The American Chamber Ensemble
Cover Picture
From the Great Land (22:00)

Album review:
"Judith Lang Zaimont's cycle is a touching and sensitive treatment of poems from Frank Buske's Woman's Songs. Mezzo Deirdre Kingsbury gives a dramatic performance, and the instrumental work of Blanche Abram and Naomi Drucker is exemplary." -- Journal of Singing

Release date: February 1992

Florilegium Chamber Choir
Cover Picture
Parable: A Tale of Abram and Isaac (16:23)
Soli - Cheryl Bensman, soprano; Paul Kelly, tenor; William Sharp, baritone; Walter Hilse, organist; JoAnn Rice, director

Serenade: To Music (8:47)
JoAnn Rice, director

Album reviews:
"Zaimont has fashioned a powerfully theatrical work ... Solo voices are combined with the ensemble in varying textures, evoking vivid images which complement the strongly emotional story." - Journal of Singing.

"A great work!" - Gregg Smith, conductor.

Release date: March 1991

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A Calendar Set
Chansons Nobles et Sentimentales
Greyed Sonnets
The Magic World: Ritual Music for Three
Nocturne: La Fin de Siècle
Songs of Innocence
Sunny Aires and Sober
Three Ayres

Release date: before 1990