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         Composer Feature Interview
David DeBoor Canfield, interviewer 

September-October 2011 issue

“I have had a most enjoyable time in searching for, and listening to, as many of her works as I could find. I was not able to locate a single work of hers that I would rate any less than “most impressive.”

Her catalog of approximately 100 works includes three symphonies, oratorios, cantatas, works for string orchestra and concert band, a wide variety of chamber works, and a chamber opera.  Her works are featured on more than two dozen recordings including the two under review here.   She writes fluently in many musical idioms from rags and beguines to works using advanced, complex language.  One truly never knows what to expect in a new work from the pen of this composer, other than that it will be a finely-crafted work, brimming with inspired ideas and effects.”

Minnesota Public Radio Composer Interview
         Steve Staruch, interviewer

Composer Interview in "Continuo" magazine
         James Brumbaloe, interviewer

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◙ "Upon First Listening”
        University-wide Honors Lecture, University of
       Southern Mississippi

November 2, 2010.

Delivered by the composer as part of a Composer  Residency, Featured Composer “Intégrales” Festival  2010.

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